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When we decided to create Momentaa we had a vision. We wanted to give back to Mexico some of the beauty we were borrowing through its art. At the same time, we had an internal fight regarding our brand. We thought that it is not fair that some dogs live in the street and they have nothing to eat and at the same time,  some others have treats, gifts and beautiful accessories.

We considered many options and finally, we decided to develop this project. ‘‘Momentaa giving back” is a project which combines our love to animals and our passion for Mexico. To develop this project we have partnered with Compassion without Borders. For every product sold, we donate $1 CAD  to this association.

Compassion without borders brings brighter futures to animals in need. This association focus their efforts where the need is the greatest, but where animals are the very least likely to be helped due to financial, geographic, and cultural barriers. Compassion without borders develops a wide variety of programs. These programs include a dog rescue program from Mexico, along with free veterinary wellness and spay/neuter clinics in underserved communities.

Compassion without borders has reached some impressive numbers:

This is definitely the least we can do to help some animals. At the same time, we try to enhance among Mexicans the values of animal protection and care.
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